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No If’s And’s Or Butt’s, Museums Are Really Battling Over Butts On Statues

It’s the battle you didn’t know you need to witness!

Museums across the world are really duking it out on social media over which statues features the best derriere!

The “Butt Battle” commenced when the Yorkshire Museum tweeted out a photo of a Roman statue’s derriere, declaring it “depicts an athlete at the peak of fitness!”

This prompted London’s Wallace Museum offer their own “rebuttal” with a statue of Hercules.

The thread goes on and on and features some of history’s most well known bums and some hilarious puns.

Lee Clark, the York Museum’s Trust communications manager says these Curator Battles feature a wide variety of themes so that museums across the globe can participate.

“Essentially, we want to create an online exhibition of objects from around the world under a given theme,” Clark added. “Something like this would take years to plan for a physical exhibition, but on Twitter, it can appear in a few hours or days!”

Somewhere out there, Sir Mix-A-Lot is getting a chuckle out of this.

What do you think of this Curator Battle?

What theme do you think they should do next?

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