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Olive Garden’s Pasta Passes Have Sold Out In The Blink Of An Eye

If you were trying to get one of those never-ending pasta passes from Olive Garden, sorry they’re all sold out.

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No joke, the $100 passes, which are valid for nine weeks, sold out in less than one second. All 24,000 of them! And the new lifetime pasta passes were gone within milliseconds of when they went on sale yesterday. Over 20,000 people opted in to try and purchase one of those 50 Lifetime Passes that sold for $500.

A report from Olive Garden read, “we’re talking milliseconds, but it feels up there with the quickest. Every year, we see that the sale is over in an instant so it really is hard to know, but without any supporting data, this feels like it’s among the fastest.”

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Do you think the lifetime passes are a good investment?

What restaurant would you like a lifetime pass too? 


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