Roger Daltrey Curses Out Fans For Smoking Pot At NYC Concert

The Who’s Roger Daltrey has a message for you:

Don’t smoke pot at my show!

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He sent a not-so-friendly message to fans at Madison Square Garden on Monday night for smoking near the stage. Apparently, he can not stand being around marijuana and would prefer it to be around him while he is performing. In a video captured at the concert, Daltrey notes that he is allergic to weed before really going off:

Thank you so much for coming. I’ve gotta tell you, all the ones smoking grass down in front here: I’m totally allergic to it. I’m not kidding. Whoever it is down there, you f**** my night. You made me really—I’m allergic to that, and my voice just goes [slurping sound], it sucks up. So f*** you!

So if you are going to their concert in San Francisco on October 4, you might want to keep this warning in mind.

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