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San Jose State Bans Hand “Spartan Up” Hand Gesture Due To It’s Resemblance To A Racist Hand Sign

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

Last Thursday, San Jose State University made the announcement that they will be retiring the “Spartan Up” gesture because of the similarity to the “OK” symbol used by white supremacists.

School athletic director Marie Tuite issued a statement regarding the school’s decision:

“We all agree that the gesture has become part of the fabric and footprint of our University, however when the gesture is used improperly, it can be offensive to some members of our University family. When our ‘Spartan Up’ hand gesture was misinterpreted as an ‘okay’ sign and not the proper gesture, the improper sign created a division in our campus community. It was timely and appropriate to make the decision to no longer use the hand gesture associated with ‘Spartan Up.'”

The symbol was created back in 1990 by the school’s band director at the time.

It was meant to encourage fans at school sporting events by bringing their thumb and index finger together to form what would look like the school’s Spartan logo.

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