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‘Shark Tank’ Episode From 2009 Eerily Predicts The Future

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

An episode of Shark Tank from 2009, had eerily predicted the 2020 pandemic.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Shark Tank is about entrepreneurs proposing items they’ve created and trying to convince a panel business “Sharks” to invest in the product.

Back in the show’s first season, a woman by the name of Irina Blok came on to the show to pitch fashion surgical masks.

She believed it to be the next big fashion trend.


Unfortunately, all of the investors mocked her idea and shut her down.

“Is that because Swine Flu was all over the news for two weeks?” investor Kevin O’Leary asked. “Now we don’t see it anymore, it’s an epidemic that came and went, you need a new epidemic to get that kind of a hit again.”

Boy, was he wrong.

Don’t worry about Irina too much though, she became the mastermind behind the Google Andriod Robot logo.

Android Robot GIFs | Tenor

Wonder if she kept any of her masks.

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