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T-Mobile & Comcast To Launch Robocall Blocking Feature

Your spam dialing days are, Robo-Phone!

T-Mobile and Comcast are teaming up to help put an end to those pesky, dreaded robo-calls. Robo-calls are automated telephone calls that deliver a recorded message, usually from a familiar area code and talk about something political or some kind of telemarketing scheme.

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No thank you. Bye-bye!

T-Mobile has said that the new feature will identify legitimate calls across both networks with the text “Caller Verified” popping up on your screen.

The feature is already available to T-Mobile customers and will soon be ready for Comcast Xfinity home phone customers. Right now, the feature is only available to those customers with certain Samsung phones released after the SB model. However, they are working with Apple to release the feature in the near future.

How many of those horrible robo-calls do you get in a day?

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