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Talk About A Major Wipeout! A California Family Charged $4,400 For Water Bill!

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

Imagine opening up your water bill and finding out you’ve been charged $4,400!

The Do Family in Garden Grove, California was charged that much for allegedly using the equivalent of 50 swimming pools of water; approximately 760,000 gallons!

“We are a family of three, just my wife, myself and my son. We don’t have a swimming pool,” Luke Do said.

The city investigated the meter and found no problems so the family is responsible for the bill.

Garden Grove offered the Do family a payment plan for the amount.

“I feel very helpless because they are a public utility and we have to go through them for water,” Do said. “And now, if we don’t pay this bill they can cut us off so we have our hands tied.”

In situations such as these, Consumer Watchdog says you can fight the case in small claims court.

Have you had to fight over an incorrect bill?

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