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Talk About Sailing Away! Man Makes 14-Hour Boat Trip To Costco Every Week To Feed His Alaskan Town

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Toshua Parker has been putting his hometown on his back.

Since March, Parker, who lives in Gustavus, AK, a remote town of 450 only accessible by boat or plane, is making weekly trips to Costco – via a 14-hour boat trip!

When ferry deliveries were cut off due to the pandemic, Parker got creative, making the 100-mile round trip to Juneau in a 96-foot converted military craft. Once there, he and a his crew load up on supplies and head back – hoping they doesn’t encounter any storms along the way.

“It’s funny because for us, this doesn’t seem like a big deal,” Parker explained to CNN. “Alaskans are fiercely independent and resourceful; you really have to be to survive here.”

The small Alaskan town is dependent on Parker’s trip because he owns the only grocery store in town.

“The town needed to be supplied with groceries so we just did whatever it took to make that happen,” Parker added. “Just another day in our world.”

No reason for panic buying. Our supply chain may be occasionally delayed but it’s holding. We’ve got you covered Gustavus!

Posted by Toshco – Icy Strait Wholesale on Friday, 3 April 2020

Parker has even been documenting some of their bulk purchases on the Facebook page of Icy Strait Wholesale, which is referred to as ToshCo by the city’s 450 residents.

The ever-so-confident Parker added that whatever gets thrown their way next, he knows his small town will persevere.

He added, “next year it will be another obstacle to overcome and we’ll buck up and deal with it.”

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