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The “Batman Of San Jose” Hits The Streets To Bring Aid To Homeless Residents

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

San Jose has got it’s own caped crusader!

A 19-year-old decked out as the iconic DC Comics hero is hitting the streets here in San Jose to help the homeless.

Staying anonymous and only going by the name of the “Batman of San Jose,” this citizen hopes that people will notice what he’s doing and notice the problem.

Decked out in an elaborate, homemade costume, San Jose’s caped crusader patrols the streets with a wagon filled with food, water and other supplies.

In true Bruce Wayne fashion, he started his mission last summer with money out of his pocket.

But even Batman occasionally needs help.

Hence why he created a web page and a Venmo account encouraging citizens to donate and help out the cause.

“Batman” also says he also hopes his mission makes others remember people who don’t have a place to live are still peopleHe has been helping everyday for the last three weeks!

“If I don’t continue going, then I don’t know if these people will be seen and represented as they should be,” he said. “So, I put as much time and effort into it as I can.”

To help San Jose’s Dark Knight, you can visit his donation page here.

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