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The Buck Stops Here. Costco’s Famous Food Courts To Soon Require a Store Membership Card

The buck stops at the food court!

According to multiple reports, at least some locations of the warehouse chain are planning to change their food court rules and start requiring a membership to purchase Costco’s venerated hot dogs and $1 churros.

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The Costco experts behind the @costcodeals Instagram account spotted a sign in a Costco saying that the food court will soon be exclusive to Costco members.

More signs have been spotted at other locations as well.

The food court at Costco has become immensely popular to members and non-members alike, due to their super low prices. How many other places out there do you know of where you can get a hot dog and a soda for only $!.50? And those super big pizza pies for just $9.99?

If you’re a non-member who loves to partake in the wholesale chain’s food court line-up, you can become a member starting at $60 for a year.

$60 for all that super affordable pizza, hot dogs and churros, that’s an investment that’s not too shabby!


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