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There’s Going To Be A “Pink Moon” Tonight! Here’s When You Can See It!

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library.

There will be a splash of pink in tonight’s full moon.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, this first supermoon of 2021 will arrive tonight around 8:33 PST.

What makes it a “supermoon”?

Allow me to explain.

A supermoon is when the moon appears to be 7% bigger and about 15% brighter than your normal, typical full moon.

For the best view of the supermoon, the Almanac suggests finding an open area and watch as the Moon rises just above the horizon, at which point it will appear its biggest and take on a golden hue!

If you miss it tonight, there will be another supermoon that is expected to be bigger and brighter on May 26.

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