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There’s Something Fishy With This Fish! A Lawsuit Claims That Subway’s Tuna Isn’t Actually Tuna!

Something doesn’t taste quite right…

Two Bay Area residents have filed a lawsuit against Subway, claiming that their tuna isn’t actually tuna!

The lawsuit states that independent tests couldn’t find any actual tuna in samples. The attorney for the plaintiffs told the Washington Post the ingredients not only were not tuna but also but not even “not fish.”

A representative for Subway responding, telling the Post the lawsuit is “frivolous and baseless,” adding that Subway’s tuna is not only real, but it is wild caught.

This is not the first time that Subway has faced allegations about their food.

Last year, a court in Ireland ruled that Subway’s bread had too much sugar in it to be considered bread.

Do you get the tuna sandwich from Subway?


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