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This Job-Posting For A Napa Winery Has Gone Viral For A Really Bizarre Reason

If you’re super, highly romantic, passionate and a wine lover, then this job may be right for you!

Dry Farm Wines, a wine company in Napa, is offering job applicants to join their “Family” for some pretty standard positions.

However, the position for compliance manager has gone viral and it’s not because the jobs has thousands of applicants.

It feels like a red flag when the “Our Culture” section begins with an excerpt of a nine-section “manifesto” that reads like a religious text with some corporate buzzwords thrown in for good measure.

A questionnaire asks candidates to describe what the words “love,” “authenticity” and “trust” mean to them; says that any qualified candidate should be “a lover”; and mentions that all company employees “protect their mornings” and participate in a “30-60 minute team meditation, gratefulness practice, group visualization, and family meeting.”

The repeated use of the term “family” throughout the posting probably didn’t help with the culty perception.

The Family Values of 'Fast & Furious' - The Ringer

The internet freaked, of course.

But to anyone who’s been following Dry Farm Wines over the last few years, this job posting excerpt will come as no surprise at all. The company, which is essentially a subscription wine club, has positioned itself as a provocateur within the wine industry, proudly advertising its propensity toward “biohacking.”

Talk about going techie in wine country, yikes!

What’s the weirdest job you’ve applied for?


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