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This Sold-Out Phone Has No Apps And Only Allows Calls And Texts

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

If you need a break from the constant buzzing of emails and notifications on your smartphone, relief is in sight with a new intentionally dumb device!

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I present to you the Light Phone II!

According to creators, Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang, this 4G LTE model is meant to “be used as little as possible” and will only have two functions, calling and messaging!

The website for the phone states, “a phone is a tool, and it should serve you as the user, not the other way around. The Light Phone II is a phone that actually respects you.”

The popularity is so high that the first round of orders has sold out of the $350 product.

You read that right…$350 for a phone that only makes and takes calls and messages!

But never fear! Pre-orders are available for a mid-March delivery date.

Would do you think of the Light Phone II?

Would you buy one?


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