Vintage OSH Sign Goes Missing…Where is it?

Photo Credit: Nancy Newcomer

Upsetting news tonight~ the historical and iconic Orchard Supply Hardware sign on San Carlos Street is gone and no one seems to know what happened to it. It’s disappearance was noticed yesterday morning. According to the Mercury News, neither History San Jose nor the Preservation Action Council of San Jose has it and everyone is trying to figure out it’s whereabouts.

Apparently Google, which owns the property, and Hilco, the company liquidating Orchard Supply stores have both been contacted and neither company has possession. Both companies are looking into the situation.  There is hope that Lowe’s had the sign removed to prevent it from being vandalized. There is also the possibility that someone stole the sign or that it was inadvertently trashed during clean up of the site.

The sign went up in 1948 after the construction of the original store was completed. Keeping our fingers crossed that the beloved sign is safe and sound…somewhere.

~Nancy Newcomer

For more on the story: Mercury News



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