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Welcome To The Bright Side Of The Moon! The Moon Could Become Space Gas Station!

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library.

‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ will no longer be remember as just a hit album for Pink Floyd.

Yesterday, NASA scientists announced an “earth-shattering” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the pun) discovery: there’s quite a bit of frozen water on the sunless surface of the moon.

In fact, according to two papers published Monday in the journal, Nature Astronomy, the moon is littered with hidden patches.

According to NASA, a rover will now investigate the ‘water-rich’ regions. There are also hopes to send astronauts to establish a permanent base, which would be used as a layover on the way to Mars.

The detection of water on the lunar surface also means there’s potential for mining water-ice, which would then be broken into oxygen and hydrogen to produce rocket fuel.

Which in layman’s terms means the moon could become a space gas station!

The science geek in me is absolulely losing it over this!

Do you think we’ll someday soon see moon tourism?

What might golf look like on the Moon? 

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