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Woman Has A Very Odd And Strange Rebuttal After Being Told To Wear A Mask Inside A Verizon Wireless Store

Photo courtesy of Alpha Media Library

Talk about being really pissed off!

The latest story of an upset anti-masker comes to us from Roseville, 20 miles north of Sacramento,w here one woman got so infuriated over a store’s mandatory mask rule that she decided to urinate on the floor.

Just happening yesterday, workers at a Verizon Wireless store repeatedly asked a customer to leave because she wouldn’t wear a mask. She obviously refused and the store was prompted to contact the authorities.

The woman took retaliation by going to the bathroom on the floor of the store.

Responding officers learned of the act when a dispatcher told them, “They’re calling back and advising that the female is pulling down her pants and is now urinating inside the business,” per police records.

After collaring the woman, police searched her car and found several items that had been shoplifted from a nearby sporting goods store.

One customer who witnessed the incident says, “That was totally inappropriate. We’re not animals.”

What’s the strangest act you’ve seen inside a retail store.

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