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Yabba Dabba Do! The “Flintstones House” In Hillsborough Can Keep Their Outdoor Sculptures!

The owner of the Flintstones house in Hillsborough fought the law and won!

Retired publishing mogul Florence Fang won a settlement against the town that claimed she violated local codes when she put dinosaur sculptures in the backyard and made other landscaping changes that local officials declared to be a public nuisance.

The citizens of Hillsborough even went as far as to call the life-size sculptures “a highly visible eyesore.”

Fang and the city went to court over the matter back in 2019 when Fang failed to comply with multiple stop-work orders.

She retaliated by countersuing Hillsborough.

Now, the settlement states that the town will review and approve a survey of the landscaping improvements and will pay Fang $125,000. In return, Fang will drop the lawsuit and apply for building permits.

F is for Fred Flinstone | Cartoon Amino


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