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Your Thumbs Can Rest Now! Netflix Rolls Out New “Play Something” Shuffle Feature To Help End Your Tireless Scrolling!

Thank you Netflix, you just cured my thumb fatigue!

Earlier this week, unveiled their cool, new feature that’ll help to end all that mindless scrolling for something to watch!

It’s called the “Play Something” feature and it will pop up in a few different places on Netflix’s app, including underneath your profile when you log in, the left-side navigation bar, and in the tenth row of Netflix’s homepage.

From there, the feature will select new suggestions based off new movies, series in your watchlist and titles you may have started, but still haven’t finished.

And if you don’t like what it suggests, you can hit “Play Something Else” and try your luck again.


The feature, which has been in the works for some time, is available now for all Netflix users.


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